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We Are an Arts Banner School

Denker Avenue also embraces four core art disciplines as part of the curriculum.  We partnered with the LAUSD arts program (formally cadre) over 7 years ago. Teachers have worked to incorporate the arts into Tier 1 instruction and differentiation for all students. The goal of the program has been to increase teacher capacity to instruct in the arts and to integrate art across the curriculum .  Teachers work with the Arts Program instructors to connect lessons to standards being addressed within the classroom and within core content.

Lee Campbell - Orchestra Music Teacher

Karen Robinson-Elementary Theatre & Peer Coach

About Our School

About Our School

About Denker Avenue

Denker Avenue Elementary School, located in the heart of the Gardena Civic Center, is a recipient of the California Distinguished School award.  We are proud to be a public elementary school in the City of Gardena, California, and a unique school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  We have served students and families in Grades Pre-K through 5 since our doors opened in 1932.  On a traditional, single-track calendar year, we currently serve approximately 840 wonderful students, their families, and the broader community.

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Curriculum and Instruction is based on:

  • Common Core Standards
  • California State Standards & Frameworks
  • Proven, evidence-based strategies for student success

State, District, and School Testing Calendar
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Special Programs


Korean/English Dual Language Program (KDL)

This program, originally funded under an ESEA Title VII grant, is designed to develop fluency and literacy in two languages with a focus on mathematics and science. Technology is an integral part of the program.


Master Plan for English Learners

This program follows the LAUSD district guidelines which include the stipulations set forth in the Proposition 277 mandates. The program services the children who are identified as Limited-English Speakers. The school receives special funding to provide this service until student become proficient in English.


Early Childhood Education

Two classes for Pre-Kindergarten age children provide language development experiences. Fifteen children are enrolled in each class with parent participation an integral part of the program.


Gifted/Talented Program (G.A.T.E)

An enriched program is provided for children who are assessed and identified as high achieving or gifted and/or talented.

Student Council Student representatives from each classroom in Grades   3 – 5 elected are elected by their peers, and experience skills related to school and community leadership activities.


Teacher Training Programs

Many teachers on staff act as training teachers for university students preparing for a career in education.


Denker Technology Center

The Denker Technology Center is open throughout the day for instruction in technology. Students attend the technology center with their classroom teachers to increase computer literacy skills and have access to programs that will improve student achievement through targeted computer assisted instruction. Furthermore, computers and iPads are also available in all classrooms for differentiated instruction.

Denker's Philosophy Statement

It is the people that make our school so special.  We work together to coordinate a multi-tiered system of supports for students. From our front office staff to our cleaning team, everyone works together to support teachers and students and their success.  We use data to drive our instructional decision making and there is an infrastructure available to ensure the collaborative time to use the problem-solving process to make sure that we are adjusting to students’ needs. 

There is an ultimate belief that the responsibility is with us to adjust to student need and have a “no excuse mentality” to reach proficiency, happiness, and become a good citizen.  We use multiple assessment data to also drive budget decisions and resource/personnel allocation.  Every child can and will be ready for college and a career in the 21st century!