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Our Staff

From the Administration


It is our privilege to serve Denker Avenue school and community.

We welcome your participation and input as we continue towards our goal  preparing all of our students for 21st century life, college, and careers!

Our students are Denker CHAMPs!


Judy Manyweather




Craig Slattery 

Assistant Principal, EIS


Karen Swan

Assistant Principal  

Our Staff

Meet our Teachers

Teacher Grade Room
E. Kwon/P.Than ETK/PCC 5
L. Beanes TK K3
T. Takasaki K K1
H. Kang K K2
H. Chung K 1
S. Pak K (KDL) 2
Y. Austin K 3
J. Hein 1 6
H. Wilcox 1 7
D. Sakamoto 1 8
L. Bennett 1 9
K. Hwang 1 11
J. Kim 1 (KDL) 37
J. Ortiz 2 10
M. Lee 2 (KDL) 14
G. Keough 2 17
L. Dipietro 2 21
K. Henry 2 33
R. Ginsberg 2 34
H. Park 3 (KDL) 16
C. Hicks 3 19
J. Jung 3 20
A. Lewandowski 3 22
A. Gutierrez  3 23
M. Gojanovic 24
L. Allen 4 25
E. Sarnoff 4 26
E. Kim 4 (KDL) 27
P. Morgan 5 28
I. Lim 5 29
M. Catalan 5


J. Ko 5 (KDL)


O. Almazan PAL 4
A. Lima AUT (K-2) 12
M. Flores AUT(3-5) 18
C. Butler Intervention Coor.  (K-2) 32
N. Uchida Intervention Coor. (3-5) 35
S. Lewis RSP 36


Meet our Support Staff

TSP Categorical Coordinator:

Sharlene Scott

Prevention/Intervention Coordinator:

Nichole Uchida


School Administrative Assistant:  

Naimah Hawkins

Office Staff:

Fannie Granger & Viridiana Gonzalez


Plant Manager: 

Brandi Woods

Building/Grounds Keepers: 

Gerald Dunlap & Darrell Hudson


Cafeteria Manager: 

Jerome Funches

Cafeteria Staff:

Denisa Makinano, Debra Johnson


Library Aide:

June Franco  

Instrumental Music Teacher:

Lee Campbell

Theater Teacher: 

Karen Robinson


Psychologist: Elizabeth Smith

Nurse: Joyce Cross

Speech Therapist: Wakana Pardo

Occupational Therapist: Justin Chao

DHHt: Jade Sackett

Adaptive PE:Seth Park       


PSA Counselor:  Gassia Guirasossian

Community Rep: Karen Kapuy



Kanval Butt

Bridget Flores

Irene Hidalgo

Dayoung Jeon (KDLP)

Gina Lim (KDLP)


Special Education Aides:
Jeremy Booth

Kamani Harris

Everett Jackson

Rabihah Lenoir

Janice McCowen

Alice Melgosa

Ambler Prince

Sophia Stewart

Yolanda Robles


Campus Aides:

Julia Macias

Elizabeth Rodriguez


School Supervision Aides:

Maria Acevedo

Betzabet Castillo

Coleen Espinosa

Julia Macias

Maritza Montenegro