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Student Resources

Websites For Learning and Reading at Home

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Click above to do research and learn new information.


Readers become leaders! Keep up the great work!


Click here to reinforce foundational skills in a fun way!

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Find more answers to satisfy your curiosity!

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Click here to go to LAUSD's official website for kids!

TBT: Sioux Presentation in Room 17

TBT: Sioux Presentation in Room 17

Note to Parents

We have made available a list of websites for student enjoyment and to aide in conducting research.   However, with the nature of the Internet, it is always possible, through a series of links, to access inappropriate Websites.  Although we have done our best to provide safe and worthwhile websites, it is recommended that parents monitor all Internet access.  We suggest that parents read Parent’s Guide to the Internet by the U.S. Department of Education.


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